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"Intriguing, Jeopardy filled thriller" Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide (+4 for Content)
Rated PG-13

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A Supernatural Thriller with Metaphysical Undertones

Midnight Reckoning, directed by film maker, Derrick Warfel has a underlying philosophical theme throughout. The story deals with a simple question; if you had to justify what you have done with your life, would you be able to do it?

If you like to watch movies that ask life's big questions, you're in for a ride you won't soon forget. It will hold you in suspense as it makes you think on a deeper level. Don't miss it.
Midnight Reckoning is a special hybrid genre of a psychological thriller, Sci-fi and Horror all mixed in...It's a thriller shot is in the style of "Inception", "Twilight Zone" and "Memento", with a David Lynch flair.

If you like his movies you’ll love "Midnight Reckoning". The movie is somewhat controversial because of the mixture of the word 'horror" and "spiritual" elements but the ultimate message comes through loud and clear. It toys with your mind, teases your imagination, plays on your deepest fears and securities. It undermines your deepest securities. The paradigm constantly shifts where you can never be really sure what is real.

Ted Baehr, of MOVIEGUIDE says Midnight Reckoning is an- "Intriguing, Jeopardy-filled thriller".
Coleman Luck, showrunner - "The Equalizer," " Burning Zone," "Gabriel's Fire" says it's a "Courageous piece of work".
Karen Covell. Producer, MSNBC says Midnight Reckoning is "Mysterious and spiritual... Don't miss it".
Erich Schultz, Festival Director - London Independent Film Festival "Played to an enthusiastic crowd... Loved it!"

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