"A Supernatural thriller
with a suprising redemptive twist"

For those cold, SCARY nights.

 A road movie with a spiritual undercurrent, Midnight Reckoning puts,
Joe, a fast and loose rock musician, in a difficult position:
He must either justify what he has done with his life
or he will be dead by dawn.


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What people are saying about Midnight Reckoning?

"Thrilling Supernatural Tale... Twilight Zone Feel"      Peter Belsito, Film Finders

"An engaging thriller...Don't miss it"       Ken Wales "Producer "Amazing Grace"

"An enthusiastic crowd LOVED IT."       Eric Schultz, London Independent Film Festival

"Can't wait till it comes out on video, I'm gonna buy it."       teen guy

"This movie touched me probably more than any other I have seen."      teen girl


From Derrick Warfel

Hi, my name is Derrick Warfel, writer-director-producer of "Midnight Reckoning."  A few years ago, I made an important decision. I had written many screenplays over the years to please the gatekeepers in Hollywood, but I knew if I ever wanted to write a script for the audience and not just the powers that be, I'd have to produce the first one on my own.

This film is "Midnight Reckoning."  And it's made for YOU.  It's not just a thriller that excites your emotions, but a thriller than engages your mind and soul as well.  The film was immediately accepted into the Internationally renowned Montreal World Film Festival.

Other festivals and awards followed.  But because of limited finances and even with festival credentials, its very difficult to get distribution against the Hollywood 100M blockbusters and the other 5,000 feature films that are made each year, so...

 We decided to add a lot of bonus giveaways:

check free PDF download of first 8 pages of the graphic novel
check free MP3 download of the opening movie soundtrack
check free downloads of posters of the film and pictures of the stars
check free short version of the study/discussion guide (5 page)
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check and the list goes on. 

If you JUST buy the DVD - you get all these BONUS giveaways above.

Full versions of graphic novel coming soon,

full length study guide and t-shirt, and sunglasses can also be purchased below, soundtrack on itunes.


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For a digital download of the full length 45 page (8 week) study guide for group discussions add an additional $5.00.

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