Test Screening Results

Entertaiment Industry Professionals

"Intriguing, jeopardy-filled thriller."

Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide magazine

"Played in our Horror sidebar to an enthusiastic crowd who loved it."

Erich Schultz, festival director
London Independent Film Festival

"A tremendous feat. mysterious and spiritual all at once. Don't miss it."

Karen Covell,
segment producer NBC’s "Headliners and Legends"
Founder, Hollywood Prayer Network

“Courageous piece of work.”

Coleman Luck, showrunner
“The Equalizer,” “Burning Zone,” “Gabriel's Fire”

“Taut, edge-of-your-seat nail-biter.”

Oscar Ray, founder-director
Bare Bones International Film Festival

“Disorienting supernatural tale. exciting, entertaining cinema. Marketing demo is fairly broad, ranging from younger thriller crowd to more mature audience seeking deeper meaning.”

Peter Belsito, executive VP, Film Finders,
world's most comprehensive database tracking films
and film rights for distributors and film festivals

“spooky, unsettling and provocative. Classic telling of the old adage, 'You can run but you can't hide.'

Kim Dorr,
Principal, Defining Artists Talent Agency
Pastor, Beacon Media Group, Bel Air Presbyterian Church

"Quirky sci-fi road picture. ‘twilight zone’ meets ‘groundhog day.’"

Michael Sajbel, director
"The Ultimate Gift," "One Night with the King"


Test Screening Audience Responses

Freaky Sci-fi movie.

One of the coolest movies I've seen in a while.

Can't wait till it comes out on video. I'm gonna buy it

It's a great movie.

This movie touched me probably more than any other I hae seen.

They were glued to the screen. They loved it.

Very Engrossing.

Raises a lot of great questions most people are afraid to ask.

It's a life changing experience.


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