Why a Blog on Sci-Fi and Horror in Movies?

My journey writing,  directing, and producing the feature film “Midnight Reckoning”  ( www.midnightreckoning.com ) which will be coming out theatrically and on DVD this Fall has forced me to examine these film genres and why the psychological factors in the human psyche are so attracted to these topics. 

As a writer-director I’m mesmerized by the techniques that sci-fi and horror  filmmakers use to capture an audiences attention, and perhaps you are as well.  I will be examining the tricks of the trade that some of the best use to rivet you to the screen. 

But even more than that, I’m caught up with what it is about the human make-up that causes us to seek for answers that sci-fi and horror pose in our daily lives.  What is it about the soul of man resonates when these topics emerge?  And what answers may we find that will eventually satisfy this deep seated curiosity? 

Please join with me over the next several months as I take apart what makes sci-fi, horror, and particularly “Twilight Zone” type stories so powerfully affect us.  And follow my progress as I work non-stop to bring  my own “thinking person’s”  sci-fi thriller to theaters and DVD this Fall and attempt to reach people who are searching for these answers.   BACK TO WEBSITE

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